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BookOnCD displays an error when starting

On some computers, the BookOnCD may not start due to a problem with the temporary files used to save the last-used tracking file or instructor. The easiest solution is to download and run the FixTempFiles utility program as explained below.

  1. 1.Download the file:

  2. 2.Unzip

  3. 3.On Windows, run FixTempFiles.exe.

  4. 4.On a Mac, run FixTempFilesMac.

  5. 5.The utility will search for the temporary files MTC-savedfolder.dat and MTC-savedinstructor.dat and will display the location of those files.

  6. 6.Click Fix Temp Files to fix the temporary files. (The temporary files will be deleted, but will be re-created when you start the BookOnCD.)

  7. Alternatively, you could manually locate and move or delete the temporary files at the indicated locations.

  8. 7.Start the BookOnCD to see if that resolves the problem.

  9. 8.If the above does not resolve the problem, e-mail a description of the problem to