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The MediaTechnics multimedia digital publishing system creates interactive, multimedia, digital publications with photos that come to life as videos, diagrams that turn into animations, screenshots that open to guided software tours, and assessment with learner feedback and gradebook tracking. These publications combine the best features of paper books, video, the Web, and computers to provide a rich reading and learning environment that goes far beyond what is possible with paper books, PDF files, or first-generation e-books.

MediaTechnics digital books can be delivered on a CD, on a USB Flash drive, as a download, or in a Web browser. MediaTechnics digital books can run on Macs and Windows PCs and can be converted to run in a browser on Linux PCs and browser-based devices including the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. All MediaTechnics products can be secured with digital rights management and an automated payment and keycode activation system.

The MediaTechnics digital publishing system is supported by related technologies including WebTrack, which delivers student scores, questions, and polling data from interactive textbooks to the instructor’s computer, and the MediaTechnics screentour authoring software, used to efficiently create guided software tours.

Instructors, authors, and entrepreneurs can use the consumer-level BookOnPublish multimedia digital publishing system to create and deliver their own multimedia digital publications. Publishers and publishing professionals with more complex publishing needs can utilize BookOnPublish Professional to create full-length, media-rich publications such as textbooks, how-to books, and multimedia magazines.

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MediaTechnics offers complete multimedia digital publishing solutions as well as content and production services that include desktop publishing, media development, digital production, quality assurance, and digital content delivery with digital rights management, key code activation, and automated payment services. We can work with you to bring your multimedia digital content to market, quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.

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