What is a BookOnBrowser?

A BookOnBrowser is a specific type of digital book, created using the BookOnPublish digital publishing system from MediaTechnics Corporation. As the name suggests, a BookOnBrowser runs right in your browser–no installation .

How is a BookOnBrowser different from a PDF file or other e-book?

A BookOnBrowser can utilize the full power of your computer and the Internet to provide a rich reading experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Think of a digital book with photos that turn into video, illustrations that become animations, and built-in Web links.

A BookOnBrowser is much more than a book. It redefines the concept of a book, bringing together the best features of books, video, and the Internet for an entirely new kind of reading experience.

What titles can be delivered as a BookOnBrowser?

Any title can be delivered as a BookOnBrowser, but the technology is particularly well-suited for digital textbooks and any book that would benefit from animations, video, and Web links.

How do I try a BookOnBrowser?

Just click one of the covers in the sidebar on the right to try a BookOnBrowser right now, right in your browser. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free!

What if I don’t want to be online when I read a book?

The BookOnBrowser is just one of a family of delivery options that include:

  1. BookOnCD: A multimedia digital book on a CD, typically bound in the front cover of a paper book.

  2. BookOnFlash: A multimedia digital book on a portable USB Flash drive.

  3. BookOnDownload: A multimedia book downloaded from the Web.

BookOnCD, BookOnFlash, and BookOnDownload products run from your CD, Flash drive, or hard disk, so you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use them. Many BookOn products are available in multiple formats so you can select the version that best meets your needs.

How can I find out more about the BookOnBrowser?

Visit for more information on the BookOn digital publishing systems and some of the many titles published with it.

Can I create my own BookOnBrowser titles?

Yes! Visit to download a free copy of BookOnPublish, BookOnPublish Educational Version, or the BookOnBrowser Converter.

Where can I purchase digital textbooks?

Many BookOn digital textbooks are available from Course Technology, a division of Cengage Learning. For more information on other BookOn products, visit

What is chapter hosting?

Chapter hosting is a unique feature of the BookOnBrowser technology that allows individual chapters to be hosted or sponsored by participating Web sites. Every person who reads a hosted chapter in a BookOnBrowser is redirected to the host site for that chapter where he or she must find and click the banner to open that chapter.

You can think of chapter hosting as a two-way advertising program. The host site sends new readers to the BookOnBrowser while the BookOnBrowser sends readers back to the host site.

Chapter host banners can consist of a snippet of HTML code or a simple graphic like the one below. To see how it works, just click the banner below.

Try the textbook of the future today, right in your browser.

This is history as you’ve never seen it before!

Explore some of the many BookOnBrowser features in this special sample.

Looking for Chapter 3 of Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window?

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